Cookies - Demo Release Update

After roughly 5 months of development, the demo build for Cookies has now been made available to download. 

For readers who are hearing about it for the first time, or followers who may need a refresher, Cookies is an atmospheric horror narrative game set within the squalid apartment building The Orange Grove Houses, rife with filth, crime, drug abuse and oddities that can only be rationalized with the vague descriptor of "South Florida".

Cookies has players assume the role of a lowly drug dealer cooped up in their room one day due to heightened NARC activity. After  experiencing an extremely odd trip, they tumble down a never-ending rabbit hole of criminal activity, Satanism and hyper-violence. Players can acquire numerous items, from keys to weapons to drugs, to alter how they interact with their surroundings and the tenants clinging to life within them.

 Inspired by the brilliant work on The Haunted PS1 community, alongside the films Trash Humpers and The Texas Chainsaw MassacreCookies features a scuzzy lo-fi Playstation 1 aesthetic spliced with the grainy effects of VHS tapes. With 12 endings planned, along with numerous expansions to the game's base locale and new areas, Cookies is a game that rewards repeat playthroughs. By completing different story paths (titled "threads" in game), the apartment building opens itself to new characters, items and new schemes for the player to get roped into. On offer with this demo are the fourth and ninth threads, "Son of Sal" and "Heaven's Front Porch".

Feel free to leave any comments or critiques for the game on it's itch page. Alternatively you can reach out to me on Twitter @stef_pinto_gd.  Enjoy exploring the gutter that is The Orange Grove Houses.

- Stef


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May 08, 2020

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