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Wow, honestly I did not expect to be as addicted to this game as I was! This game is everything it says it is but worse (in a good way) Loved it! Check out my spoiler free review if you still aren't convinced! 

Sorry for the late reply, was out in the woods all weekend.

Thanks for the video review dude, was very pleased to hear all the positive things you had to say about the game. This is actually the first video review of Cookies (brought to my attention at least) so it was a pleasure seeing someone express their thoughts about it in this format. The music you used throughout was excellent too.

Lastly, nice to see Eddie in the thumbnail used to great effect.

All good my man, its nice to get away sometimes!

 I'm so glad you enjoyed the video, I really loved the game man! I was stoked to talk about it and hopefully introduce plenty of new people to it! Cant wait to see what you work on next!

...and yea Eddie and his brother were definitely some of my favorites in the game ;)


There’s a tiny glitch where if you open the inventory, then enter and exit the pause menu before you close the inventory, the mouse will remain on the screen until you open and close the inventory again.


COOKIES has been one of the finest indie experiences i've had this year. such a crazy sleaze-fueled adventure with 10 endings to find and plenty of humor and thought put into everything between the beginning and end of this masterpiece. can't wait to see more!

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TLDR - Really enjoyed this game. Very well made with some nice dark humor. I rate it a solid 8/10. I do have a few small critiques though. 

The movement is a little stiff, not sure if there is anything you can do about that but  i dont feel much difference between the walking and running speeds not to mention your character seems to get caught on things pretty frequently. 

The hallways are bit too cluttered. There is a lot of running back and forth in this game so constantly having to navigate around all the objects in the hallways gets a little tiring, that, combined with the movement and low running speed can make the game feel like its dragging on a bit too much. I'd suggest removing around 25 to 30% of the debris in the hallways or making the running speed a bit more noticeable while also allow the player a little more freedom when running into certain objects in the hallway. 

Another problem was some events failed to trigger. I found myself having to ether repeat certain steps in a storyline or reload the game entirely. Big example was when i was making the cosmic brownies, i had to reload the save file 3 times for the game to finally allow me to bake the cosmic brownies. One more example was the snuff film route, this was actually the story line i wasnt able to finish as the game would glitch part way through the filming. i would kill the other "actor" and it would fail to trigger the next area. The model would be dead, but you could still hear the muffled moaning coming from the area where the model was, the game thought the npc was still alive for some reason. This would happen at random parts of the stage, sometimes for the first victim, the second, the last, etc. I would be locked out of progression and have to reload the save. 

Overall though, its a decent game with fun ideas. I have been studying game design and programming lately so i know how tough these kind of games are to work on so dont take anything ive said as downing this project. I hope you will continue to update it. Youre doing good work, keep it up. 


I really loved this game, phenomenal stories and art style!

Would you mind telling me where the save file is located?

I wanted to delete my save to start from the beginning again but I can't seem to find the save file in the (Program Files x86) directory.

I am interested in speedrunning this game and I think it would be more interesting by starting without the perks of a completed save.

Maybe you could add a "delete progress" button in the menu. I'd appreciate such a feature.


Hi, thanks for the kind words! Glad you like it enough to consider speedrunning it haha. 

For the save file, the path should be Users -> You -> AppData -> LocalLow -> Stef Pinto -> Cookies, followed by deleting the .txt SAVE file. That should do the trick. Lemme know if you run into any issues regarding that. 



This is a really interesting game, the atmosphere and writing are both comedic and disturbing.

I've run in to some issues that are pretty gamebreaking though.

1. I noticed another user had an issue where the clown key did not work on the door as it should. For reference, I had the party canon equipped. I clicked on the door with the party canon, it didn't work, I selected the clown key from the inventory, it played the 'success' sound, but didn't open. The door showed an icon noting that it could be interacted with, but nothing happened. This leads me into issue #2-

2. No saving and loading is very detrimental to this game. I think my playtime totaled 30-50 minutes, the walk speed isn't fantastic and I like to explore every room, this usually wouldn't be an issue if I were able to put the game down to pick it up later- this was especially frustrating paired with the clown key issue.

I have no clue if you're even planning to update the game at all but it'd be really cool if you looked into this.


Absolutely LOVED this game for the 30 minutes I gave it a try, gonna definitely play more because goddamn this was a blast. Good lord, what a trip.


I loved it, my kinda game.


this game was great

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Love the game, but the sensitivity is currently way too high for me. I had to stop playing. If you can add a sensitivity setting for camera and maybe even movement, I'm sure I'll be playing for hours! Much love <3

Download won't even finish. Keep getting error when it gets to 6.0 megabytes and beyond...

Granted I have seen footage/gameplay of the game. It looks sweet. But please fix this shit. Plz.

I need to download it. To play!

Interesting, can't say I've had that issue crop up before. I just downloaded the game and it was able to complete. I did some looking around the itch forums and the itch creator made this post that you could check out for potential solutions.

As said post suggests, you could try using the itch app itself to download it and see if that works. 


Excellent game, makes me think of a crossover between Manhunt and a puppet combo game with some dark humour that manages to be edgy without relying on bigotry for cheap jokes. The fighting could be a little better and more responsive and there are one or two glitches that meant I had to restart at some points but other than that I really enjoyed it. 8/10, defo check it out.


Part 3 finished. Can't wait for your new works. 

Thanks for the kind words dude, really enjoyed going through your playthrough!


Painfully unwilling to transgress, poor gameplay. Silent Hill or Twin Peaks this is not in any way shape or form. No Fear and Loathing either. Not even approaching Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It's more like if South Park had a sodomy baby with Gone Home while Bumfights was playing in the distance.

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I decided to continue, going after more episodes (or missions). Here you can see the inspiration in Manhunt, in the mission of the Snuff Movies's Director. I can't wait to see the latest episodes. I would like to see more of your work in this PSX style. Keep it Up.

P.S .: I thought it was really cool to have Skelly (Haunted PS1 mascot) inserted in the bathroom of the apartment. It is a good potential to enter a new community collection.


super good small game, really enjoyed it ! :D


Undoubtedly an interesting game. I liked the use of the VHS filter here, pointing to the influence of the trash films of the 80s and 90s. At the moment I played only three episodes, but I intend to continue and give my impressions on the other videos. Keep it up, man!


Graphics and atmosphere remind me of Manhunt! Big time!


Gonna try this game out, but for some reason I can't get it on the itch installer? Might wanna look into that :P

Having this problem too.

Deleted 1 year ago

Sorry for the delay, looks like I just never assigned an actual platform for the .exe so the itch client would just bug out when it would try to download. I tried it myself now and the game seems to download from the app properly so you could give that a shot.

Unless you've already played it of course :P. In that case I'll just leave this reply up so that others can see that it appears to be fixed. 

Thanks for the heads up.


So, it's me again.

I went back and played some more of this game, because as I said before, the atmosphere and the environment design is amazing.

I think I got like 3 or 4 more threads and while I don't want to spoil anything, but the more I play this game, the more I appreciate the writing and the game itself.

I did, however, find a few bugs again. These are spoilery, though, so to anyone who wants to play the game, I'd recommend not reading them. I can delete this comment, when it's been read by Stef, if he'd prefer me to do so.


  • I wasn't able to bake the CBD brownies. I could only bake normal brownies and after baking them, I couldn't bake anything. I still got the hand cursor, but it didn't prompt the inventory screen.
  • The hitboxes were hard to judge, the enemies weren't getting hit, when I expected them to. I did figure it out, after a few tries, though. So this one could be on me.
  • The assassin quest is not completable, if you go into the soviet's room, before starting it or if you do it during it, before you should? Sorry, I can't remember exactly when I did it. The door was open, when I had to go there, but the event that was supposed to happen didn't.
  • The bigger boss in the chicken place clipped through the wall. The smaller one blocked the doorway and he clipped through the left side. So from the corridor into the room with the hanging things.
  • This boss also messed up, when I died. I killed the smaller one, died to the big one, went back in, both were ragdoll'd, but only the big one attacked me. He was clipped into the corner to the right of the door I talked about above. I was only kinda able to hit him at first, but then for some reason not. Then I died to him and the fight was over and I won, when I respawned. Also their models were messed up.
  • After buying the codein bottle, after buying some other things I can't remember (sorry), it stayed on the item pickup screen for every other item I picked up afterwards. I paid with the piggy bank, before trying to pick up the codein.
  • When the inventory screen is up and I try to drop or equip an item, the mouse pick goes through the inventory screen and I talk to or pickup the things behind it.

I feel kinda bad for piling this stuff up on you, but I tried to be constructive and I really enjoy the game. The double chainsaw is incredible, haha!

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Hi Jongus, thanks for the update, don't feel bad about coming back with bugs and such. I'll try to respond to all the ones you listed and afterwards if you feel like deleting your comment you can if you'd like.

- EDIT: I have now made the CBD (and brownie mix needed to bake it) one single item in the shop to clear up confusion. 

- I replayed the assassin quest and entered the Soviet room with an organ before speaking with the yakuza boss, and after conversing with him things seemed to work fine. It's simply the Soviets getting killed, to progress you can speak to the goblin to get a hint as to where to go next. 

- The redneck boss issues can simply be chalked up to this being my first time making bosses, and underestimating the amount of caution needed when implementing duo bosses lol. 

- As for the last bug I am aware of it but never got around to fixing because I never found it to be too big of a deal, and moreso just a quirk.

I'm glad to hear you're still enjoying it though! 

I just realised that I've been playing version 1, instead of 1.1. Sorry about that lol.

Now I am able to pick up the CBD with the brownie mix from the shop, but when I try to put the CBD in the oven it says that I need brownie mix first.

Could my old save game cause problems?

The oven's requirements for CBD will only trigger once you speak to Swamp Hound in his suite. After he specifically asks you for for weed brownies  and you finish speaking to him you should then be able to bake them. Give that a shot. 

I killed the clown and got the key, used it on the door but the door still won't open.

Interesting, I just downloaded the most recent build of the game and played the circus sequence myself and the door worked as it should. 

Do you close the entrance to the maze upon entering? Because I left it open and let the door close by itself when its triggered at the end of the maze. Perhaps doing that will allow the key to work. 

Sorry about any frustrations this might have caused. 


I finally got a video up. This game is hella cool, man. I feel like I didn't get a lot done but I explored the hell out of that place. I couldn't figure out how to get out of that clown room at the end of the vid. I think i found a floating key but I'm not 100% sure if that's what i was seeing or if it was even what i was looking for. I'm kinda glad it's taking me a while to move through the game though because that means I'll get to spend some hours with it before seeing the whole thing. Thanks for all your hard work, man. This game's badass! I might live stream it next time I play it. 


Thanks so much man, glad you were able to get back to it after some of my fixes. It's very fulfilling to see somebody who liked the demo return a year later and say they like the final product. Much love.

Looking forward to finishing the vid sometime later this evening.  

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Hi, I saw you updated the game. Is there a way to save my progress from the v1 to the v1.1?

Also, I want to ask you if you can help me with the cockroach. The thing is that I talk to it, get the raid but I managed to get the same ending that is Black October. If you can help me I appreciate.

Thanks you, amazing game btw!

PD: Sorry if there is a grammatical or spelling error


No worries, so your save file should just carry over to the next version assuming your txt. file that the game generates (somewhere in your Program Files x86) by default is still there. The game will just read that so you should be fine.

As for the roach, he's just supposed to serve as a way to guide the player into playing Black October if they haven't already, since some players may not try exploring that section of the game prior to talking to him. So, if you've completed Black October already, you're done as far as the roach is concerned. 

Very glad to hear you enjoy it by the way :)

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cool new version


Alright, I got 3 threads so far. First of thank you for making and sharing this game! I love the atmosphere and the story is pretty good, too, for what it is.

Nonetheless I found some bugs and have a few nitpicks:


  • The mouse cursor still stays on screen and throws the picking off, when you exit the settings or the controls screen, by hitting escape, instead of clicking resume.
  • The door at room 303, with the fridge in front of it, opens and clips through said fridge.


  • The move speed is really slow, I found myself holding down shift most of the time. It'd be great if the run speed could be increased a bit and a toggle run option added.
  • In the cultist thread, the cultists elbows clip through the floor.
  • It would be really nice if you could rebind keys, or just put the inventory on tab instead of the I key, because hitting the I key gets annoying, atleast to me. Hitting tab would be easier, but just a nitpick.
  • It'd also be nice if you could add a FOV slider, because the FOV is a bit too low, for my comfort and I could see people getting motion sickness from the low FOV.
  • The final point is VERY nitpicky, but having to open the inventory to unequip the crowbar can get annoying. Though, being able to change the inventory key could also make this slightly less annoying.

Eventhough I have quite a few nitpicks, I really enjoyed this experience and look forward to your next releases, whenever those might come out!


Thanks man! Glad to hear you like it, warts and all.

For the first bug, if I'm not mistaken when the cursor stays on screen after pressing ESC if you press 'I' it'll go away. Not exactly a solution, but a workaround nonetheless. 

And I truly appreciate the feedback. It might be a while before any other additions get made since I do need a bit of time away from the game, but I'll keep all of your suggestions in mind.

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Don't worry, the settings/control cursor thing really is a minute detail. The game is very playable. You deserve a break for sure. I do appreciate the effort you put into this!

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I found a bug with the inventory. It seems like the items stay in there after being used/dropped. But they're also not in the inventory. It just keeps it full and prevents me from getting more items. I spent about 30min with this game so far and it's REALLY cool. I can tell you've done a shitload of work on it since the last time I played. Let me know if you fix the inventory because I'm dying to see more of this. Great job, man!


Thank you Chief Keef, yeah the inventory bug was one of the only bugs I wasn't able to get rid of yesterday when I was uploading hotfixes. I'm getting to it now, there will be an devlog posted for the Day 1 patch once I get that sorted out.

Thanks for the kind words though dude. 

Deleted 1 year ago

Thanks for the kind words. Yeah, I plan to do a bit of a hotfix build over the weekend addressing minor issues with the game once I've had a bit of time to breathe. I can definitely add the suggestions you've proposed. 





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Excuse me, but if the game has already been fully finished, then where's the download link?


The page is published for people to view and bookmark, but the game releases next Friday, the 23rd, which can be found under the More Information Tab. I will make a heads up of this at the top of the page.

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