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NOTE: This is a demo version of the game, with the story paths "Son of Sal" and "Heaven's Front Porch" available to play through. It is indeed very buggy, and host to several regrettable design choices that have since been fixed in currently unreleased builds of the game, so take that as a warning. I hope you will be able to overlook the game's current issues and enjoy it for what it is in its state, as its already improved greatly since this release as I work towards a full version.


Darby County, FL

Where the ordinary and the hard-to-believe meet in a gutter, the population of "The Darb" simply call it "home". Gang violence, poverty, and substance abuse leave Darby rife with drifters, murderers, and cash maniacs whose sole purpose in life is finding the next high or die trying. The town of the same name exists as a swollen, caustic juxtaposition of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and reruns of Twin Peaks gestating in the sweltering heat of Southern Florida.

The optimistically named Orange Grove Houses, a dilapidated flop house of an apartment building where the only thing more parasitic than the rats and roaches are the tenants, squats obscenely at the end of a long abandoned housing development. A lone drug pusher hawks his wares to sun-deprived addicts when he's not falling prey to his own stock. After an especially odd trip, he finds himself tangled in a devil's weave of crime and hallucinations in halls that even God has given up on.


Inspired by black comedy Trash Humpers and VHS slashers like The Texas Chainsaw MassacreCookies is an obscene PSX-coated blend of Satanic cults, meth-dealing clowns and online torture chambers, all under the same backwards-ass roof.

Stef Pinto - Art, Programming, Design and Audio

Johar Ibrahim - Programming Assistance and Soundtrack

Darien Caron - Programming Assistance


PSX Shader by dsoft20

CRT Shader by WGermany and fontmas

Drunk Shader by Przemyslaw Zaworski


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Great game so far, but man is it tricky. I cannot for anything, get past the whole "heart signs" area (avoiding spoilers here). The only thing i think it could use would be a few minor hints lying around.

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You're right about that, a lot of work has been put into providing more direction for the player. It's a bit tough to balance as the game is meant to be open-ended enough for players to embark on any side-quest they want, but it runs the risk of being too tricky as you said. It's something I will have hopefully remedied in the full version.

As a hint, that area you are speaking of doesn't serve much purpose in the demo right now aside from being a funny little side area, though it serves a greater purpose in the full game. If you're having trouble completing the second thread, I'd suggest to not dispose of the NPC that helps you get access to said room.

Glad to hear you liked it in spite of its flaws. Cheers. 


this is a masterpiece, holy.. s...

Wow, thanks for the kind words man, glad you found it so enjoyable. As of now the current build of the game is about three times larger with numerous quality of life changes and bug fixes, so when the full release comes around hopefully it maintains your high praises. 


will you put it on Steam? Besides what makes it good is the absurd degeneration around with a very serious tone, because this stuff exists in real life, and it's all distributed around one place. I don't even know what to compare it to...  Mr.Pickle, South Park and Postal? Anyway, I'm starting a plan to a make a game myself... at least I'll have something to do in the free time besides watching that drug of youtube

I have no plans to put it on Steam. This is only the second game I've made and while I've learned a lot and have become quite proud of what Cookies has shaped into, I still don't feel like I'm at the level where I can put out a polished piece of work on a more "established" platform. So, the full version will be free, just like the demo (making the $100 paywall to put it on Steam a bit of a detractor). 

I'm happy you pointed out the degenerate aspect to the game's settings and character's. I was heavily inspired by Hotline Miami, Manhunt, Condemned: Criminal Origins and Postal's depictions of the underbellies of society, and put great effort into capturing that with Cookies. 

Lastly, good luck with your game and its planning!


I really enjoyed this game! I can't wait for the full game to come out. Because I am big dumb, I did get a little confused with the lack of direction. In hindsight, it is not hard to figure out where to go... I am just silly

That's alright, it is admittedly a little obtuse. Where you start off in the demo isn't actually where the full game starts so I can see why some players would get confused considering it isn't laid out particularly well.

Glad you enjoyed it overall though, knowing that you'd like to see the full version means the demo did its job.


of course! It was super enjoyable! I really cannot wait to see the full game and how the story unfolds. Especially what is going on with the other tenants. I absolutely love the style!


This game is so fucking cool. Hope there is much more to come!!!

Thank you, there absolutely will be more! Currently working on adding new content to the game and improving numerous aspects of what's presented in the demo. 



Thanks a ton mane <3

Hey, Loving the atmosphere & overall feel of Cookies! I'm encountering an odd issue though, the 'punch/kick' button appears mapped to 'RIGHT' rather than 'RIGHT MOUSE' or somthing, and nothing I press seems to get that to work? I've been trying to get into that first room you have to punch open and its impossible? hoping I'm just doing something silly here, as I'm really hoping to play through this! 

Hey man, sorry to hear about that bug, actually the first time I've heard somebody report something like that. I'm not too sure what could be causing it, but as a bandaid fix you can also purchase a crowbar from the shopkeeper, equip it and swing it to bust down the door.

Thanks for your patience.

Yo!I double checked and the issue was I hadn't used the syringe to actually get Punch/Kick powers! right mouse works fine after that. sorry for the false alarm, I'm a chump!


Not bad, quite difficult, but I managed to beat it. Definitely would play more if there was more available

Thanks for playing man. More is definitely on the way, and I am working on making it a more user-friendly experience as well, as I'm imagining a lot of difficulty came from a combination of jankiness, lack of player direction and some restrictive design choices. Cheers. 

Why does the game not run on 32 bit os despite the setup being x86? I wanted to try this game out!

Whoops, should be sorted out. A true x86 version has been uploaded, and both installers have been renamed appropriately. 


What an odd experience. And I mean that as a compliment. Great game! I can't wait to see more. I was a little confused while playing but I figured out how to get through the level. I know I missed a few things though. Gonna have to make more attempts to fully figure it out.


A few things I noticed (not complaining, just making observations)...

- The movement/look speed is very fast and makes it hard to control at times.

- Sometimes I dropped an item on the ground and couldn't pick it back up. Not sure if it was out of my reach or interfering with other objects.

- Items on the left bar would randomly disappear and would make me forget what I was actually holding.

- The VHS effect was a little too powerful, and was very distracting when it would fade between VHS and normal while that effect is active.


Thanks for playing, along with the feedback. Your observations are all very valid. The game is still pretty buggy, so your second and third points are things I've noted and are working towards fixing. 

As for the effects, I'm also in the process of toning them down and allowing each aspect of it to be set by the player so its not as intrusive. 

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This Game Is Something Else... This Game Held Nothing Back... 

This Game Reminds Me OF the Movie Hostel! 

Please ADD an expansion to the Game! @SirWinnyYT (Twitter)   

Great Jobs!  

Thanks for the support mane, films like Hostel (along with Se7en) definitely had a big impact on the game's visual style. 

The game will certainly be added on to as well, since this demo only contained 2 possible paths, whereas the full version will (hopefully) contain 12. 



Appreciate the support, glad to see you liked the game. <3

version rar?


Interesting game. Only problem I have with it, is that it doesnt give me objective (or maybe I am just dumb). But yes game is good. I like the PS1 style. Hope to see more from you in the future :)

btw if you are interested, here is my video:


Thanks for playing man!


you can definitely tell a lot of care has gone into this game, i quickly found myself immersed in the game's visual aesthetic and really enjoying the unsettling ordered chaos that is the orange grove houses. excited to watch the development progress of this game for sure