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"best described as, “wow, Silent Hill, Twin Peaks, and The Wire made messy love all over Candyman while watching reruns of Bozo the Clown.”" - DreadXP

Named #17 in Slant Magazine's "25 Best Games of 2021"

Where the ordinary and the hard-to-believe meet in a gutter, the population of "The Darb" simply call it "home". Gang violence, poverty, and substance abuse leave Darby rife with drifters, murderers, and cash maniacs whose sole purpose in life is finding the next high or die trying. The town of the same name exists as a swollen, caustic juxtaposition of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and reruns of Twin Peaks gestating in the sweltering heat of Southern Florida.

The optimistically named Orange Grove Houses, a dilapidated flop house of an apartment building where the only thing more parasitic than the rats and roaches are the residents, squats obscenely at the end of a long abandoned housing development. A lone drug pusher hawks his wares to sun-deprived addicts when he's not falling prey to his own stock. After an especially odd trip, he finds himself tangled in a devil's weave of crime and hallucinations in halls that even God has given up on.

Inspired by black comedy Trash Humpers and VHS slashers like The Texas Chainsaw MassacreCookies is an obscene PSX-coated blend of Satanic cults, meth-dealing clowns and online torture chambers, all under the same backwards-ass roof.

NOTE: This game features heavy use of camera filters/effects to simulate the video quality of a VHS tape, which may be triggering to photosensitive players. I strongly suggest tweaking the game's visual settings to suit your monitor's resolution upon startup, as the game may be too grainy/blurry depending on your screen size.

CONTENT WARNING: Drug use, torture, light sexual themes


Developed by Stef Pinto

In partnership with Penquin Games

With music by Johar Ibrahim

Updated 25 days ago
PublisherPenquin Games
Release date Apr 23, 2021
AuthorStef Pinto
Made withUnity, 3ds Max, Adobe Photoshop, Audacity, FL Studio
TagsAtmospheric, Crime, Dark Humor, Exploration, Horror, Lo-fi, Nonlinear, PSX, Surreal
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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This game was great, got all the endings. Do you know of any other games like this? Any inspirations? I'd love to check out more games within this gritty genre but can't find much.

Thanks for the kind words, glad to hear you made it to the end. 

As for games that are similar, I must admit I'm kinda drawing blanks. While the art style itself was inspired by Puppet Combo, 98DEMAKE, and the PS1-horror game community on itch, I pretty much improvised the game design and didn't take cues from anything in particular. That being said, I could totally give you some games that while not playing or looking like Cookies, served as inspiration for the general tone and grittiness:

- Manhunt

- Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days

Condemned: Criminal Origins

Garage: Bad Trip

And while I haven't played it, I've heard several comparisons to Postal since launch, so that could be worth checking out. Hope that helps!


I really  wanna play but its so wobbly.

To be honest I think it's an issue on your end my guy, can't say I've had anyone mention mouse issues and haven't encountered it myself whenever I tested, so I'm not too sure what I'd suggest to fix it. Sorry mane.

Is there a way to adjust senstivisy?? control?

Like my view is constantly moving? is he just high??


You did great with this game's vibe it is really nasty but in a good way, I liked it :)

You can kill janitor but keys disappear 


whats the minimum system requirements???


Frankly I don't have much of a clue. I only tested the game on my fairly decent pre-built PC and one of my friend's laptops, and it worked fine on both systems. The game isn't that graphically intensive, so I think it's worth giving a shot on whatever device you have. 


sorry to say this but my pc lets it crash all the time idk why it does


Really interesting Game! We really enjoyed it! Are there multiple endings or only one ending? We weren’t really sure about that. But keep it! We really want to see more! 

Thanks for the kind words.

There are 10 endings to the game. They unlock as you keep playing, and there's hints at the pause screen to steer you in the right direction if you unlocked one and aren't so sure where to go.


loved the game so much, *SPOILERS* was i supposed to be able to give the roach the raid in the end?



Nah, once you acquire Raid you're locked into taking it. The roach exists only to point the player in the right direction once that thread becomes unlocked. 


okay thanks! great game!


I found this game very fun and interesting. It feels like the lovechild of Grand Theft Auto and Half-Life. Keep up the good work! 


I really like this game, and I've beat it. But I want to play through it again. Is there any way to erase my save data?


Assuming you didn't move any files around, the save data should be found with the path Users > You > AppData > LocalLow > Stef Pinto > Cookies and within that last folder there will be a .txt file of type SAVE that you can delete. Doing so should give the game nothing to read upon startup and will generate a new, clean save file in that same spot.


Hilarious, great work. Any hints for how to get threads #8 and #10?

(1 edit) (+1)

Happy to hear you enjoying it.

Assuming those are the only two threads remaining, the eighth thread can be kickstarted by entering the extremist's apartment building and snooping around.

The tenth, and final thread, unlocks after the other nine are completed.


Thank you, I'll be looking forward to finishing up those last 2 threads now!


love the game. how do you add CBD to brownie Mix ?

I think this interaction was giving me a ton of headaches on release day so I just axed combining the brownies and CBD in the pan, instead just needing the player to put the CBD in the pan and closing the oven to then bake the weed brownies. For this to work though you DO need to get Swamp Hound to request the weed brownies first, then go back up to your apartment and bake them. Sorry for any tedium this causes.

no problem dude I read on the store page and found the solution to CBD. I only have 2 threads left undone but have been having problems with the roach taking the RAID once I have it also the Mexican Cartel Quest is messing up. once they kill the cop in the bathroom what needs to be done to complete Thread?

In regards to the Raid, you have to consume it yourself, and for the cartel members, once they kill the cop head back to your rapper friends to warn them which will put the last part of that thread into motion. 


best itch.io game ive played hands down. has its flaws 4 sure but this is great shit man way more substantial and detailed than i thought itd be


la ambientacion es como si te hubieras inspirado en los barrios de mexico xD


verdad XDDDDD


Any chance for this game to be available to Linux users as well? I've already tried wine...

To be honest I have no idea how building a game for a non-Windows OS works, nor do I have a Linux system that I'd be able to test said build on.  Aside from that, there hasn't really been enough demand for a Linux port to make it worth the work I'd have to put in. Down the line porting to other OS's is something I'd like to include in my future projects, but I think that ship has sailed as far as Cookies goes. 


You could try running a virtual machine. Most, if not all, flavors of Linux are free to use.


Amazing. This is definitely a must play for literally everyone! 


What a fantastic game! Got through the first "Thread" in this playthrough and will be carrying on with multiple follow ups to unravel the other threads. Really love the art style and the setup, humor is at it's best here too! Can't wait to continue and complete this one!! Good Work Dev!!

Good Stuff Stef Pinto! This Was Very Trippy!

sick game.


Excellent stuff, thanks for your work and for putting money in it's place. You and all else are far superior to that false substance.♥️


Its like a drug infused sweat stained fever dream, and I love it!

and you..smoke...mushrooms? sweet thats new lol

It would be smart to kind of let people know up front there are multiple chapters, I think alot of people will miss that part. 

No Commentary Full First Chapter


Wow, honestly I did not expect to be as addicted to this game as I was! This game is everything it says it is but worse (in a good way) Loved it! Check out my spoiler free review if you still aren't convinced! 

Sorry for the late reply, was out in the woods all weekend.

Thanks for the video review dude, was very pleased to hear all the positive things you had to say about the game. This is actually the first video review of Cookies (brought to my attention at least) so it was a pleasure seeing someone express their thoughts about it in this format. The music you used throughout was excellent too.

Lastly, nice to see Eddie in the thumbnail used to great effect.

All good my man, its nice to get away sometimes!

 I'm so glad you enjoyed the video, I really loved the game man! I was stoked to talk about it and hopefully introduce plenty of new people to it! Cant wait to see what you work on next!

...and yea Eddie and his brother were definitely some of my favorites in the game ;)


There’s a tiny glitch where if you open the inventory, then enter and exit the pause menu before you close the inventory, the mouse will remain on the screen until you open and close the inventory again.


COOKIES has been one of the finest indie experiences i've had this year. such a crazy sleaze-fueled adventure with 10 endings to find and plenty of humor and thought put into everything between the beginning and end of this masterpiece. can't wait to see more!

(2 edits) (+1)

TLDR - Really enjoyed this game. Very well made with some nice dark humor. I rate it a solid 8/10. I do have a few small critiques though. 

The movement is a little stiff, not sure if there is anything you can do about that but  i dont feel much difference between the walking and running speeds not to mention your character seems to get caught on things pretty frequently. 

The hallways are bit too cluttered. There is a lot of running back and forth in this game so constantly having to navigate around all the objects in the hallways gets a little tiring, that, combined with the movement and low running speed can make the game feel like its dragging on a bit too much. I'd suggest removing around 25 to 30% of the debris in the hallways or making the running speed a bit more noticeable while also allow the player a little more freedom when running into certain objects in the hallway. 

Another problem was some events failed to trigger. I found myself having to ether repeat certain steps in a storyline or reload the game entirely. Big example was when i was making the cosmic brownies, i had to reload the save file 3 times for the game to finally allow me to bake the cosmic brownies. One more example was the snuff film route, this was actually the story line i wasnt able to finish as the game would glitch part way through the filming. i would kill the other "actor" and it would fail to trigger the next area. The model would be dead, but you could still hear the muffled moaning coming from the area where the model was, the game thought the npc was still alive for some reason. This would happen at random parts of the stage, sometimes for the first victim, the second, the last, etc. I would be locked out of progression and have to reload the save. 

Overall though, its a decent game with fun ideas. I have been studying game design and programming lately so i know how tough these kind of games are to work on so dont take anything ive said as downing this project. I hope you will continue to update it. Youre doing good work, keep it up. 


I really loved this game, phenomenal stories and art style!

Would you mind telling me where the save file is located?

I wanted to delete my save to start from the beginning again but I can't seem to find the save file in the (Program Files x86) directory.

I am interested in speedrunning this game and I think it would be more interesting by starting without the perks of a completed save.

Maybe you could add a "delete progress" button in the menu. I'd appreciate such a feature.


Hi, thanks for the kind words! Glad you like it enough to consider speedrunning it haha. 

For the save file, the path should be Users -> You -> AppData -> LocalLow -> Stef Pinto -> Cookies, followed by deleting the .txt SAVE file. That should do the trick. Lemme know if you run into any issues regarding that. 



This is a really interesting game, the atmosphere and writing are both comedic and disturbing.

I've run in to some issues that are pretty gamebreaking though.

1. I noticed another user had an issue where the clown key did not work on the door as it should. For reference, I had the party canon equipped. I clicked on the door with the party canon, it didn't work, I selected the clown key from the inventory, it played the 'success' sound, but didn't open. The door showed an icon noting that it could be interacted with, but nothing happened. This leads me into issue #2-

2. No saving and loading is very detrimental to this game. I think my playtime totaled 30-50 minutes, the walk speed isn't fantastic and I like to explore every room, this usually wouldn't be an issue if I were able to put the game down to pick it up later- this was especially frustrating paired with the clown key issue.

I have no clue if you're even planning to update the game at all but it'd be really cool if you looked into this.


Absolutely LOVED this game for the 30 minutes I gave it a try, gonna definitely play more because goddamn this was a blast. Good lord, what a trip.


I loved it, my kinda game.


this game was great

(2 edits) (+2)

Love the game, but the sensitivity is currently way too high for me. I had to stop playing. If you can add a sensitivity setting for camera and maybe even movement, I'm sure I'll be playing for hours! Much love <3

Download won't even finish. Keep getting error when it gets to 6.0 megabytes and beyond...

Granted I have seen footage/gameplay of the game. It looks sweet. But please fix this shit. Plz.

I need to download it. To play!

Interesting, can't say I've had that issue crop up before. I just downloaded the game and it was able to complete. I did some looking around the itch forums and the itch creator made this post that you could check out for potential solutions.

As said post suggests, you could try using the itch app itself to download it and see if that works. 


Excellent game, makes me think of a crossover between Manhunt and a puppet combo game with some dark humour that manages to be edgy without relying on bigotry for cheap jokes. The fighting could be a little better and more responsive and there are one or two glitches that meant I had to restart at some points but other than that I really enjoyed it. 8/10, defo check it out.


Part 3 finished. Can't wait for your new works. 

Thanks for the kind words dude, really enjoyed going through your playthrough!


Painfully unwilling to transgress, poor gameplay. Silent Hill or Twin Peaks this is not in any way shape or form. No Fear and Loathing either. Not even approaching Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It's more like if South Park had a sodomy baby with Gone Home while Bumfights was playing in the distance.

(2 edits) (+1)

I decided to continue, going after more episodes (or missions). Here you can see the inspiration in Manhunt, in the mission of the Snuff Movies's Director. I can't wait to see the latest episodes. I would like to see more of your work in this PSX style. Keep it Up.

P.S .: I thought it was really cool to have Skelly (Haunted PS1 mascot) inserted in the bathroom of the apartment. It is a good potential to enter a new community collection.


super good small game, really enjoyed it ! :D


Undoubtedly an interesting game. I liked the use of the VHS filter here, pointing to the influence of the trash films of the 80s and 90s. At the moment I played only three episodes, but I intend to continue and give my impressions on the other videos. Keep it up, man!


Graphics and atmosphere remind me of Manhunt! Big time!

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