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  • WASD - Movement
  • F - Interact
  • Spacebar - Jump
  • LCtrl - Crouch
  • LShift - Sprint
  • 1/2 - Equip/Unequip
  • P - Pause/Inventory
  • Q/E - Lean Left/Right
  • Right-Click - Zoom In/Out

Vivian Rousseau - Programmer, Level Designer, Audio - https://vivian-rousseau.itch.io/

Darien Caron - Programmer

Remi Teeple - Programmer - https://remi.works/

Stef Pinto - Environment and Character Art - https://www.stef-pinto.com/


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Tzimtzum.zip 332 MB


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This was a cool indie horror game, I really enjoyed myself.  I just posted my LP of this game to my YouTube channel.  Feel free to stop by any time, we'd love to see you there.

Hey everyone sorry for the UI issues, the pause menu and UI stuff was "rushed polish" and im looking to update it now that ive learned a lot more about Unity UI, hopefully going to be able to release a second chapter as well to add on to what was supposed to be just a demo :)

I have a problem regarding the elevator on the second floor. It will not open, no matter what I do. Am I doing anything wrong

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Is there a way to change the resolution of the game? I tried playing this last night, but the resolution aspect was so weird that it cut off parts of the pause menu and notes... 

EDIT: Seems to be part of an aforementioned issue with UI scaling, my monitor's resolution is 1920x1080. Help?




I had a lot of fun playing through this game, the visuals were neat, although the game was really dark in some places, which in the maze part was neat because running into the monster was really creepy but aside that I wish the flashlight worked a bit better, over all it was really enjoyable, great job :)


This game was extremely unsettling and disturbing.  The extreme quiet in the first half of the game, coupled with the empty spaces that somehow also feel occupied, and an unnerving feeling of being watched, really set the tone for the second half, which was a brain bending nightmare that shook me to my core. I can't begin to express how much I enjoyed this game, a true masterpiece of horror!

the liminal atmosphere of the game, reminiscent of liminal space images that circulate online frequently, is absolutely beautiful and pairs really well with the grainy image view on the screen. the old-internet bland office aesthetic that merges with the grotesque imagery later in the game is super appealing. the feel of the endless office spaces and blank rooms fills you with dread, and then that dread is filled with fear as you continue into the abyss and the eventual pipe maze. got my heart racing, really good!

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This has to be on par with some of my favorite horror games. Hard to believe it's only a demo. If you were wondering what PT would be like as an indie project, do yourself a favor and play this demo. 

TzimTzum is one of the most artistically compelling experiences one can find on itch.io, mixing a wide range of game and other artistic influences; Gothic Romantic poems of Mary Shelly, the audio design of Silent Hill, and an increasingly horrific Gilliam-esque amount of pipes. 

There's still some small quality-of-life changes that get in the way, like some of the text being hard to read and a frustrating second level puzzle that I was stuck on for 20 minutes. But these are small issues that the devs have already acknowledged and will be addressed. 

Can't wait to see how the rest of the game turns out. 


Is there a meaning behind the title?

That maze though, that got me :D


I still don't know what I just played!


Wow !

I wished there were more cause that game has a very good potential .

A true master piece !



sincerely, me


i appreciate dat :') 


- Me


Gorgeous game, this should be on the front page!

how do you pick something up, i cant read the fond

Hold down on the 'F' button


f, sorry thats been common, working on a build with some QOL improvements that being the main one


Any plan for key rebinds? :)

Any suggestions?:P


Sorry, I don't understand your answer. :)

oh do you mean having the player be able to rebind their keys? or do you mean just a different layout? hahaha sorry

No problem, I meant a way to rebind the keys (or hardcode another one), wasd is utterly unplayable on a non-qwerty keyboard. :)

in the full game there will be key rebinds, pretty easy to do

New build, fixed a bug when talking to worm boi

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damn so scary


Great experience. Silent Hill vibes. 



I am failing my s p e e d r u n

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It's finally here!! 

There's been issues with UI scaling so let me know if you run into this pls, and your monitor specs if thats cool!


This makes me so excited ;p 

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Gonna post demo .exe after the Haunted PS1 Demo Disc releases if we make it on, if not then then probably pretty soon lmso