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After a year and a half of development, alongside a slightly scuffed demo release, the full version of my newest project "Cookies" has finally been made available to the public! Explore a dilapidated apartment building in South Florida infested with street drugs, gang violence, bizarre cults and several outlandish individuals who call the sweltering town of Darby County "home".

Cookies is a non-linear adventure game with horror and puzzle elements that sees the player navigating the squalid Orange Grove Houses apartment complex as they brave run-ins with the cartel, law enforcement, and snuff film enthusiasts. Requiring multiple runs through the building, the game's world slowly alters as the player uncovers more beneath the rotted floorboards of its tenants, with new story threads and locales opening up. 


- 10 playable story threads

- Numerous items to collect and use

- 4 boss battles

- Original boss OST's by Johar Ibrahim @penquinjohar

- A more intuitive item management system

- Settings to fine tune the VHS settings

- Saving system that tracks player's progress in between story threads

I hope that playing through this newly completed version makes for an unorthodox yet memorable little playing experience. I learned an incredible amount tackling a project of this scale for the first time, and I'm happy to finally share it with everybody else on itch.

Lastly, a big thanks is warranted to the aforementioned Johar of Penquin Games for assisting in the development of this game in the second half of its life-cycle, as well as  once again providing some lovely boss fight OST's. 

get high.

get low. 

get useless.

- Stef

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Apr 23, 2021

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