Cookies v1.1 - "The Fresh Batch" Hotfixes

Cookies has been out for roughly 18 hours now, and I'm truly flattered by the response it has gotten by users both here and on Twitter, and appreciate all the support it has received. 

Unfortunately, like any proper game launch, Cookies had its fair share of first-day quirks and bugs, ranging from trivial to downright game-breaking. Over the course of the past day or so I have uploaded numerous builds overwriting bugs that had been quelled, only to discover new ones further down the line that nevertheless hindered the player's progress. It was...messy, to say the least, but after the umpteenth reupload of the game's build I think I can safely say that the game is in a playable state from start to finish, just as I originally intended. Below are a list of bugs that have now been fixed:

- The door that Randy directs you to is now interactable

- The oven only requires CBD after speaking to Swamp Hound to bake Cosmic Brownies. Prior to this if you tried baking brownies with CBD and Brownie Mix it wouldn't work, so simply placing CBD into the pan and closing the oven will do just fine. 

- The cursor doesn't stay locked to the screen when you pause.

- Random laughing from a particular boss no longer plays throughout the apartment. 

- The player is now teleported to the sewer after entering the dark corridor in the water room.

- The lighting has been improved in the stairwell and clown maze.

- Miscellaneous typo-fixes (though I'm sure there's a few still lying around).

- The inventory no longer freaks out when you reach 10 items carried.

I do truly apologize for any frustration or confusion these bugs caused, and if you ran into any of these and had your playthrough abruptly stopped, I encourage you to redownload the game and give the current build a shot, as your save file will still be intact assuming you didn't scrub it. 

I thank you for your patience in what has become an unexpectedly rocky game launch. I look forward to hearing how your experiences trekking through the Orange Grove Houses pan out.

- Stef

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Apr 24, 2021

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Is anyone else getting youre view constantly moving it is like I am drunk is that on purpose

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The mouse stays on the screen after unpausing with the ESC key. Also, the camera turning movement gets all janky when you're facing the side of the building opposite of the stairwell.

I have a bug where the gamma slider won't work at all, and the game is a bit too dark to see some things 

spoilers/possible bug: im unsure if its a bug or not but i cant seem to make the cosmic brownies once i put one thing in the oven it just doesnt let me put the other ingredient in the oven. maybe im doing something wrong but other than that loving the game only have 2 threads left!

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Yeah, there were some complications with that thread on launch day so I changed it so that once you put in the CBD, and only the CBD, you can close the oven and the Cosmic Brownies will appear. 

It came as a result of requiring both the brownie mix and CBD throwing way too many problems my way with not too much time to delve into the code. 

The timing may be finnicky so close the oven, wait a good second or two and it should be fine.

Sorry for any frustration this quirk might've caused.

no prob at all,nice that worked! thanks for the help means alot

SPOILERS: Norman body falls off all the time. I presume I have to gather a key from it, but it's a dead end

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Odd, sorry to hear about that. Can't say I ever had that happen to me throughout all the testing.

No key is dropped from him, the thread just ends after he is killed, so if you can try your best to kill him before he falls off you'll be good to go. 

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i meant his dead body falls off. thing is that picking up the manifesto solves the problem. saw the pillow lmao, but not the manifesto. There is another thing though, I remember when I was in the clown maze, then paused the game and went for dinner. When I came back, I was floating above the maze. It seems to happen everywhere though